Lockdown in Spain

Hi everyone, it has been a while since my last blog, so I thought I would write something while I am currently lockdown in Spain due to the Corona virus pandemic. To be fair everything happened so quickly that it is only sinking in now after a week in confinement in my house, thankfully I love the place where I live and I had plenty of little jobs to do that due to my busy working life I kept leaving for after. A lot of people are panicking and worried and I can totally understand as this is not a joke and people are dying , here in Spain the numbers of infected people keep rising despite the lockdown but I think it is the perfect time to reflect and focus on going forward and plan how are we going to deal with the outcome , for me personally It has been a wake up call of how quickly things can change in your life and how precious every moment is , I was working so much that I forgot how to be a mum and also to have time for my self. People ask me (via social media as we can´t talk in person) how am I going to deal with my job when this is over ? Let´s get things straight …. my job is still there , I will continue to give my best on what I do as I always have, I am not an expert in economics but I assume the demand for property will determine a change for the offer , basically if you have a product that everyone wants it holds its value but if nobody wants your product it looses its value , so at this moment we don´t know how real estate will go and there is not point in making conjectures, we better stay at home and follow procedures to make this situation better . Remember you can always work if you have your health but not the other way round . Anyway that´s all for now and I hope I can write better news next time

Stay safe


Lorena x

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